Best Water Filter Pitcher

Water Filter Pitcher Review

Best Water Filter Pitcher

Welcome to the Best Water Filter Pitcher Review. Portable water filter pitchers transform ordinary water (acidic water, bottled water, tap water, unfiltered water) into a healthy and much better tasting water. The right water pitcher filter can remove fluoride if the water in your area is fluoridated or you want to filter tap or bottled water (most still contains toxic fluoride.) You can even get an alkaline water filter pitcher that gives you healthy and disease preventing high pH alkaline water in your own home!


If you drink ordinary tap water from your home or an outdoor faucet or hose, you are filling your body (brain, organs, immune system) with contaminated water. Most water unless you already have a reverse osmosis system or better will have nasty toxins like fluoride, chlorine, microbials, pesticides, glyphosates, flushed pharmaceutical pills. These can wipe our your immune system (or cause autoimmune issues), damage your DNA and cause it to build abnormal cells that your body uses to make up your physical being.


You are also not hydrating your body properly, and that is why people drink a lot of water and are still thirsty. It isn't being absorbed properly. Getting your own Water Filter Pitcher can help you solve that problem. They are the easiest to use of any of the water filter systems, and can get rid of a lot of harmful contaminants. Some can even get rid of toxic sodium fluoride (which is the hardest thing to do). The best ones give you the healthiest alkaline water from your pitcher. The best of all worlds in a small portable countertop water filter pitcher.


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Epic Water Pitcher

The Epic Water Pitcher (pictured above) is very easy to use and is the best contamination and toxin removal of all pitcher water filters. Even better than Zero! It can remove chlorine and fluoride (not just the taste) as well as the other harmful microbes that exist in tap water. It is the one I personally use in my home, as it's easy to use and gets the nasties out that others leave behind. 


All you do pour the water you want filtered (from your faucet or bottled water source) and let it flow into the top of the Epic water filter pitcher. The water then passes through all the specialized water filter units and give highly filtered clean pure drinking water. It is my favorite regular water pitcher filter. The Epic is my favorite non-alkaline water filter pitcher because it removes fluoride and the filters last a lot longer than most other ones. 



zerowater filter


Zero Water Pitcher Filter

The Zero Water Pitcher Filter is an 8 cup capacity water filter that is extremely popular now. They are great filters that remove lead and chromium, common contaminants in a lot of big cities tap water supplies (like Flint, MI). They are worth checking out if you want an in-between filter in price. They do a pretty good job at revitalizing the water and giving you contamination free, and good tasting drinking water.


ZeroWater is one of the best smaller pitcher filters, with indicators showing how well it is filtering. Is measures TDS (total dissolved solids) as it’s basis for clean water. Solids are the larger particles that show up in tap water. It is also good at filtering aluminum and radiation particles. I have used it before I found out about the Clearly Filtered. I would not really get anything less, like a Brita or Pur because it leaves contaminants in your water, and since you are 70-80% water, why fill your body with chemicals?


pur water pitcher


Pur Water Filter Pitcher

Pur Water Filter Pitcher is well known as an inexpensive water filter than can remove the taste of chlorine from tap water. This one is an 18 cup filter which is good for when guests come over. It is portable with a handle to make it easier to carry around when you need to. They are not the best by any means but much better than drinking unfiltered tap water! So if that is in your price range, then get one for your home, it will at least give you much better tasting water than tap water!


brita water filters


Brita Water Filter Pitcher

The Brita Water Filter Pitcher is the least expensive of all. The best one available is the Brita Atlantis Space Saving Water Filter. These are good for removing some contaminants and most of the bad taste of chlorine gas. Always anything is better than nothing and if this is in your budget range, then by all means get one. At least you have something!


best alkaline water filter pitcher


Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

You can now get an Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher and make your own healthy alkaline drinking water at home. Drinking alkaline water allows your red blood cells to carry more oxygen (energy to your brain and organs, and remove waste products.) Alkaline water benefits have been known for about a century now, since Dr. Otto Warburg did blood studies showing the difference it makes inside your body. He won a Nobel peace prize for showing how blood alkalinity can prevent and reverse cancer.


It also helps you prevent severe chronic diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, mental fatigue! There are many sport and exercise related benefits too. It can help you workout stronger, longer and enhance muscle growth and endurance and speed recovery. It helps you prevent muscle soreness from lactic acid buildup. I love the Cerra Water Alkaline Water Pitcher because it combines the benefits of an alkaline water machine and a water ionizer in one. It creates H2 hydrogen, micro-clustered and structured water like an alkaline water ionizer does. 


The Cerra alkaline pitcher gives you electrolyte filled water for optimum hydration and performance. You don’t have to spend 3 or 4 dollars for a small bottle of alkaline bottled water that is not as pure as you can get with the Cerra. Get the best you can because you health is your wealth! The Cerra Alkaline Water Pitcher is the best portable alkaline water pitcher you can get! 

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